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Elevate your Interior with Panel Molding

My living room is quite dark, thanks to several huge trees in front of the big window. Therefore neither fancy wallpaper nor wall color is an option because it would take away more of the room’s light. A great way to achieve a sophisticated look with plain-white walls is to apply panel molding.

I’ve started the project right before Christmas and ordered different kinds of polyurethane molding samples. This helped me to figure out the right size and shape for my desired look.

Now that the detailed planning could begin, I’ve measured the wall and made a quick sketch to calculate the length of each panel. I’ve got everything online and this is what my shopping list looked like:

  • panel molding
  • miter hand saw
  • acryl
  • panel molding glue

Now I just had to saw each panel and attach them to the wall which was surprisingly easy. I’ve left a space of 8cm to the wall and between each of the panels. For the final touchup, you can use acryl to fix all the edges and gaps between wall and panel moldings.

Panel Molding DIY - Stuckleisten selbermachen
panel molding diy Stuckleisten selbermachen
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  • Stephen
    März 21, 2019

    This is a such a clever way to bring elegance to a white wall! Thank you for the inspiration I may have to use this idea myself

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DIY ProjectElevate your Interior with Panel Molding