How to create your personal retreat at home

While practicing social distancing at home, we know that summer vacation plans are off the table for a while. But the good news is that we can do a lot more than just dream about a holiday on a Greek island like Mykonos. There are plenty of ways to easily incorporate the Mediterranean chic into our homes.

mediterranean summer house interior designSource: Pinterest
mediterranean summer house interior inspirationSource: Instagram
rustic summer house interior inspirationSource: Pinterest
rustic mediterranean houseSource: Pinterest

The Mediteranean summer house look

Natural materials, such as marble and clay, Cycladic sculptures, and rustic ceramic vessels seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary interior. If the flower markets in your neighborhood are still closed, you can cut some seasonal branches on your next stroll outside to fill your vessels with life.
Scroll through to discover my summer retreat favorites.

rustic mediterranean interiorSource: Pinterest
rustic mediterranean interior styleSource: Pinterest

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How to create your personal retreat at home