Why You Should Learn to Code


A few years ago, I wasn’t thinking about someday having an ECommerce store and being the CEO of my own company. I’d just started as a freelancer working on other people’s web sites. I always wanted to learn more, but definitely didn’t expect where this work would lead me someday.
Often I get asked how and why I started my company. The funny thing is, I started it to prepare myself for a new project, one where I had to learn about a webshop system. Today it sounds ridiculous, but basically my company evolved out of a test website.

So please have a look, even if this topic might sound a little scary to you!
Learning how to code is really not as intimidating as it seems. Don’t let a lack of knowledge cause you to miss out on the great opportunities it might provide.

What Coding Can Do for You:

Open doors

Though I consider myself to have been a very troubled teenager, who dropped out of school and felt super lost in life, coding helped me to get past the feeling of not meeting societal expectations and showed me completely new opportunities.

As soon as you’ve coded your own first website or a little program (and I promise, this isn’t hard!), you will become aware of all the possibilities this knowledge can give you.

Find a job, without searching

Let’s face it – coders are a scarce resource. If you take coding seriously, you won’t look for jobs anymore, they will look for you.

While I was freelancing and after I developed my first portfolio and set up my Xing and LinkedIn profiles, I didn’t have to look for jobs anymore. And no, I didn’t offer free work or post topless profile photos! 😉 Recruiters and company HR managers are desperately searching for new employees and freelancers for their tech departments.

But of course, that doesn’t mean that you just get those jobs without doing anything. You still have to prove yourself to the company.

Your brain is the key, not your degree

Programming is a very unique field in which having the necessary skill is often more important than having a specific degree. Studies show that just 2 out of 5 software engineers have a computer science degree (National Survey of College Graduates, NSF 2012a). When it comes to freelancing in particular, nobody will care about a piece of paper.

Introverts are welcome

In a noisy world where everyone is screaming it is easy to be overlooked, especially if you’re one of the quiet sort. The tech scene is different and that is something what I really love about it. You will find many incredible and inspiring people who sometimes would rather spare their words for more important things.


Programmers are usually very well-paid. One of the main reasons for this I’ve already pointed out: There are too many jobs and too few programmers.

The world of technology is expanding and there is no sign that the demand for software will decline anytime soon. Therefore, very good salaries can be expected even for the long term.

Making better decisions

Learning how a computer language works is a great way to teach yourself logical thinking. Your daily work depends on finding the best solution for a problem. And you don’t just solve one problem, you are at the same time forced to think about the consequences in further steps of your development.


No words needed: Woman in a Vintage Computer Ad


Logical and analytical thinking are great on-the-job skills to have, but you will find they will also help you in many ways to make better decisions in all parts of your life.

Even if you give it a try and realize that coding isn’t your thing, you might acquire the ability to make small changes on your website or blog, without constantly needing to rely on help from others.

Whether you want to work full time as a programmer or simply want to build your own website, the benefits of coding are plentiful both in the realm of work and daily life. So if you haven’t already gotten your feet wet, give coding a try! I’d love to here what benefits you experience!

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