Fashion Picks: roségold romance

I’m on my way to Paris and planning my big birthday-shopping-trip.
Since the freezing greyness outside still takes over, I’m obsessed with the thought about the first
flower, the first warming sunbeams and the day where I finally can rip of the heavy winter clothes.

I’m totally into this golden pastell color palette, looks like it is just kissed from the early sun.
Flowerpower everywhere is also this weeks theme – and obviously the must-have print for the upcoming season, like probably every year of course. But does it really matter and are we really seeking for a new invention these days?
Not today, maybe tomorrow again.


Where to buy:

Dress by Roksanda -> Link
Shoulder bag by Saint Laurent -> Link
Burberry Keychain -> Link
Skirt by Valentino -> Link
Saint Laurent Bomber Jacket -> Link
Pumps by Gucci -> Link

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Fashion Picks
Fashion Picks: roségold romance