Sculptural Space: Designing a home office

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Interior Design by Katarina Fischer Art Deco brutalism sculptural eclectic
Interior Design by Katarina Fischer Art Deco brutalist sculptural eclectic

Imagine an empty room, a blank canvas right before your eyes. Where do you begin?
For me, it always starts with my intention for a space. With the bright natural lighting coming from the windows and doors with their forested foreground, I immediately knew this room was destined to be my office. Then, I dive in, and one step or piece at a time, I embark on my creative endeavor of designing a space that represents me.

They say that people either drain you or inspire you, and I feel the same about interior design. I believe that an office should be a sacred space – a space that gives you room to pour out all your energy and creativity and replenish it just the same. This is why I chose my workspace as a space to showcase everything I love in terms of colors, materials, and sculptural forms.

Though the sculptural column (by me) is reminiscent of the “blocky” and rigid geometric style of Brutalist architecture, there is nothing about this space that is unyielding to me. This office has come to be my personal museum – not quite resolute like one, and not presenting the idea that everything was intentionally placed, but rather intentionally filled with the things that inspire me most.

The style for this room was inspired by a variety of sources – classic French interior, Art Deco, and I strategically introduced hints of maximalism – the aesthetic of excess. But in this case, the excess is less about the bold colors and little to no white space. The excess for me refers to the wide range of sources from which I draw my inspiration. It’s the aesthetic of me, and if I had to define this space with one word, it would be ‘eclectic.’

I chose blue simply because blue is one of my favorite colors. It’s a color that conveys serenity, peace, responsibility, and intelligence—all the things I could ever want an office space to represent. The blue chairs are by Jonathan Adler, and the small marble table in the middle of the room is a vintage find. I sometimes find myself enthralled by how the softer edges of shapes can complement those with a more defined structure.

With a collection inspired by elements that emerged from the 19th and early 20th century mixed with everything else I love, when I’m in this room, it’s like I’ve transcended space and time.

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Senso large Table Lamp Kelly Wearstler
Ether Chair Jonathan Adler
marble side table

Interior Design by Katarina Fischer Art Deco brutalism sculptural eclectic

Interior Design by Katarina Fischer Art Deco brutalism sculptural eclectic

Interior Design by Katarina Fischer Art Deco brutalism sculptural eclectic

Interior Design by Katarina Fischer Art Deco brutalist sculptural eclectic

Katarina Fischer Interior Design Blogger brutalist sculptural

The Essentials: A Neutral Living Room

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Interior Design by Katarina Fischer Livingroom Art Deco Glamour white Interior Design by Katarina Fischer Livingroom Art Deco Glamour neutrals white

Designing a home is always an evolutionary process for me. For years I keep collecting furniture, antiques, art, and decor until all the pieces come together. I’m always on the hunt to find this one last complementing item. While you certainly never really know where and if you will ever find it, it makes this entire journey just very exciting.

As you can see, I have decided to stick to a neutral color palette in my living room. I like my interiors to feel timeless, effortless, and chic  – and these are all the things you can easily achieve with neutral tones.

Neutral Design

When you are opting for a neutral color palette in your home, keep a few things in mind. Always try to keep adding some pieces that you have a true connection to and avoid trendy products as best as you can. Trends disappear within months or years, but something that you truly love stays with you for decades.
When designing „without color“, remember that a room can easily feel boring or flat if it misses contrast or texture.

I used an off-white wall color (a very light grey) while moldings and the ceiling have been painted bright white. This little detail creates contrast and adds interest to the room. While this is classical french style, the combination with contemporary and Art Deco pieces creates another dimension of interest.

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Sculptural Marble Bowl Art Deco
Ether Chair Jonathan Adler
white marble wavy bowl by Katie Fischer
Ceramic antique glazed pot lamp by Katie Fischer
rustic antique-pot

Interior Design by Katarina Fischer Livingroom Art Deco Glamour white neutral




How to Choose the Perfect White Paint Color

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Since I keep getting a lot of questions about my walls, I wanted to share a complete guide on how to choose the perfect white paint color for your home.
I am a huge fan of off-white paints and everything ranging from gray to beige because it’s such an easy trick to add more dimension and interest to a room.

We will cover the following questions:

  • How to decide between a warm and cold shade?
  • How important are samples?
  • Is it worth spending the extra $$$ for brands like Farrow & Ball?

perfect white paint color skimming stone farrow & ball

How to decide between warm and cold shades?

First, think about how you want the room to make you feel. Warm whites, with red and yellow undertones, will make the space feel cozier, evoking a feeling of calm, while cold whites will make it feel bright and warm.

Which shade is right for you will also depend on the other surrounding colors in your room. Consider the colors and materials of your furniture, the floor, and existing architecture, and match the tone of your paint color accordingly.

Last but not least, consider the effect of natural light. Is your room facing the south? Cooler whites will neutralize the yellow tones of bright sunshine, while a north-facing room tends to feel colder and can be enhanced with a warmer shade.

Ammonite paint farrowball living room by Katarina Fischer light grey
I have chosen a cool white in my living room because it tends to be dark in here during winter, so the cold white paint makes it feel fresh. Also, this color brings in a little more edge to the overall design because of the contrast it creates between the warm floor color.

I have included a variety of photos of my living and dining room – each taken on both sunny and cloudy days. You can see how the colors feel different depending on the light source. My dining room is painted in a warm white (Skimming Stone, F&B), and my living room is in a colder shade (Ammonite, F&B).

offwhite paint farrowball livingroom by Katarina Fischer
offwhite paint farrowball dining room by Katarina Fischer

How important are samples?

I highly recommend getting paint samples and painting a few swatches onto your walls. Recognize the differences occurring during the day as well as during low-light situations in the evening. You might prefer a particular color on a bright sunny day, which then tends to look too cold at night.
Color always interacts with light, so this is what you should focus on while living with these swatches on the wall for a couple of days.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to two or three shades, use the rest of your sample pots and paint larger areas of the room. I recommend this additional step because small swatches on a white wall can trick your mind and make a color appear to be much darker than it actually will be when covering the entire wall. This happens because of the stark contrast to the surrounding white wall.

Ammonite paint farrowball living room by Katarina Fischer

perfect white paint color skimming stone farrow & ball

perfect white paint color skimming stone farrow & ball

Is it worth spending the extra $$$ for a particular brand like Farrow & Ball?

Obviously, there is a lot of talk around brands like Farrow & Ball, and it might be very confusing when you see so many contradicting opinions ranging from 5* to “it’s a nightmare”. I do think F&B has earned its place as one of the most popular paint companies here in Europe. The brand is unique in how it brings a perfectly balanced color palette to the everyday customer. I think they do an outstanding job in how they limit down their color palette; it makes it just so much easier to get a perfect color for your home with endless inspiration for every single shade. Plus, they have excellent customer service. In terms of quality, you might also have a look at Little Greene paints. They are thicker, which makes it a bit easier to work with.

Nevertheless, if you ask me as a professional, neither F&B nor Little Greene would be my first choice for a project, simply because they are very “high maintenance”. Meaning, when wall paints are “designed to” require at least 2 coats + 1 coat of primer, this clearly is not a feature, but a flaw and the reason for so much negativity coming from professionals. If you just think about the cost of a professional painter, why would you recommend a product to your customer that doubles or triples their cost basis?

“But the pigments?!”
Well, in 90% of the cases, you don’t need to worry about pigments. Talking about wall color, most of the time it’s going to be a shade containing a ton of white. You won’t see any difference compared to a color-matched quality paint (Caparol, Alpina,). In fact, I use Farrow & Ball and color-matched paint in one and the same room in my house. It’s impossible to spot a difference.
If you are going for a deep red, or blue however, then yes — you might want to compare different brands before choosing to color match them.

offwhite light grey paint farrowball living room by Katarina Fischer

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Antique Pots rustic wabisabi
Ether Chair Jonathan Adler
marble side table
rustic antique-pot

Step inside my living room

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interior living room decor katarina fischer

It is slowly beginning to look a lot like summer outside, which certainly feels a little surreal this year. For me, it’s almost as if time has passed unnaturally quickly during this time of social distancing.
Even now, as stay-at-home orders begins to lift, our lives probably won’t return to normal for quite some time. While the look and feel of our home still seems to be more important than ever, I’m happy to share a little sneak peek of my living room. When designing the room, I took a contemporary approach, mixing in some Art Deco while focusing on natural materials and a neutral color palette.

The new paint

I’m a nerd when it comes to colors, so it happened again that I ended up mixing the wall color on my own. My goal was for the color to truly match my initial concept. For the base, I chose Skimming Stone from Farrow & Ball, added white to slightly brighten it up, and toned it with acrylic paint by Schmincke – my go-to brand when it comes to toning wall color. While definitely not designed for this kind of work, since it’s high-quality paint for artists, the rich, pigmented paint fits perfectly for this purpose. If you want a similar color, I would recommend just going with Skimming Stone instead.

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interior living room decor katarina fischer
interior living room mantel katarina fischer

DIY abstract art

For everyone asking: I’m honored, but the artwork is mine and not for sale! I wanted to fill the emptiness until I could locate a mirror or some other piece of art to replace it with. It turned out quite nicely, though, so I might just leave it there.

I gesso-primed an old canvas and painted the frame gold. This is pretty convenient if you want to make a large-scale painting like this, because it’s hard to find a good canvas and getting a custom frame could be a bit of a hassle. Gesso functions as a primer, and you can bascially put it on top of everything, like a piece of wood or rear wall, to create the proper base for your painting. Maybe you feel inspired to recreate something similar!

interior living room update katarina fischer

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Living room styling interior by Katarina Fischer

How to create your personal retreat at home

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While practicing social distancing at home, we know that summer vacation plans are off the table for a while. But the good news is that we can do a lot more than just dream about a holiday on a Greek island like Mykonos. There are plenty of ways to easily incorporate the Mediterranean chic into our homes.

mediterranean summer house interior designSource: Pinterest
mediterranean summer house interior inspirationSource: Instagram
rustic summer house interior inspirationSource: Pinterest
rustic mediterranean houseSource: Pinterest

The Mediteranean summer house look

Natural materials, such as marble and clay, Cycladic sculptures, and rustic ceramic vessels seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary interior. If the flower markets in your neighborhood are still closed, you can cut some seasonal branches on your next stroll outside to fill your vessels with life.
Scroll through to discover my summer retreat favorites.

rustic mediterranean interiorSource: Pinterest
rustic mediterranean interior styleSource: Pinterest

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Getting my home ready for fall

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What a journey every single room in our house has been on since we moved in. It’s such an exciting process and it feels like I elevate my taste and my understanding of design with every item that comes (and goes). Every time I’m „done“ with a room I come up with 5 new things that could be improved.

However, this fall something is different. I’m really starting to feel home with everything being kind of complete, so I’ve had the time to think about the actual decor instead of just moving furniture back and forth.

Fall Home Decor Pampas Grass Gucci Diptyque

As you already know, I’m not getting too literal with my decor. Meaning I don’t have to necessarily place a bunch of pumpkins on the front porch. Instead, I went for a makeover to make this place feel warmer and cozier. I moved the blue Jonathan Adler chairs to the office, replaced the throw pillows and decorated with my favorite candles and pampas grass. I toned everything down by choosing a very neutral color palette, without getting too minimalistic or boring.

Here are the things that helped me transitioning my decor to fall:

Pampas grass

Nothing says fall like a chic vase of pampas grass! Use a bundle of dried grass in a tall vase of your choice for a lovely, textured silhouette.
I remember bringing some pampas grass from our holidays in Italy many years back. To my surprise, it survived the journey back to Germany pretty well. So they are really long-lasting if you want them to. By the end of the season just wrap the pampas grass in some paper and keep it somewhere dry, so you can reach out for it next fall.
My go to source for pampas grass is Etsy, for example ForLoveOfPampas or MilandaBoutique

Diptyque Candles Fall Home Decor
Diptyque Candles Fall Home Decor

Scented Candles

I don’t know about you guys, but I love nothing more than cozying up at home and light a few candles when it’s getting cold outside.

Diptyque candles are one of my favorites and their mystic and glamourous fragrances set the perfect mood for snuggly evenings at home.
And guess what? Diptyque was founded by an interior designer (Christiane Gautrot), a painter (Desmond Knox-Leet), and a theatre director & set designer (Yves Coueslant), which well explains the elegant product design of Diptyque’s assortment.

My favorite scents currently are: Oranger (smells like orange punch on a Christmas market), Ambre (spices and wood!) and Diptyque’s Oyédo (yuzu and herbs: refreshing and spicy).

Which products help you transition your decor to fall? Comment below!

Fall Home Decor Interior Blogger
Interior Blogger Fall Inspiration
fall decor diptique pampas grass

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Diptique Candles Fall Home Decor
Fall Home Decor Interior Blogger
Fall Home Decor Interior Blogger
Fall Home Decor Interior Blogger
The Essentials: A Neutral Living Room

The Essentials: A Neutral Living Room

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The best artificial Christmas tree

The best artificial Christmas tree

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How to Choose the Perfect White Paint Color

How to Choose the Perfect White Paint Color

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